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More on Good Questions: Where Is The Missing Ship Light? – Thanks for all the help!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Kelly: The ship light went on clearance a few weeks ago at the Target near me. They stocked them for most of the summer, but they were unfortunately placed near the shabby chic stuff.

Wendy: I live in the Midwest, and I noticed that the lamps went on clearance about 2 months ago here. They’re long gone now. What a shame–I bought two of them this summer, and I love them and would like to buy a couple more.

John Trosko: Then, one day I found them in the Culver City (Los Angeles) Target and I grabbed two of them for both sides of my bed. My home is very “ocean liner deco meets sailboat nautical” so these lamps were perfect. Great knobs and the curved mesh glass cover helps the look.

The issue is the light they cast really sucks. They’re bad for mood lighting, and they’re really harsh. I started with a high-watt bulb, and now I am using a 40-watt. But when they are off, boy do look nice.

And I recently saw them, too— on clearance here in LA. They weren’t that expensive ($40?) and I am probably going to ditch them by the end of the winter because of the light issue.