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Maxwell Ryan
Dec 2, 2005

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Bo Concept Employee:
I actually work for a Bo Concept store.

In my 7 total years of selling furniture, I've learned that there is a HUGE difference in attitudes and expectations from younger customers in comparison to more experienced and older customers.

In a nut shell, the younger customers who have just come across finacial flexibilty to purchase furniture of their choice are THE WORST CUSTOMERS to have, as soon as something takes a slight turn off of the mapped route. Buying furniture to a younger customer is new and very much foriegn to them.

They don't have the buying experience to realize that a production time of 12 to 14 weeks to recieve a custom made sofa sent from Europe is actually a industry standard.

Where as when I mention this to a more experienced shopper, many of them are pleased to hear their sofa could be ready as early as 3 months.

To all of you young, inexperieced, quick to complain customers, LISTEN, we don't need to hear it.

If you're looking for the instant gratification of recieving your furniture within a week of the purchase, then stick to shopping at Crate and Barrell or Pottery Barn, because all you end up ordering from us is same boring Beige Sofa that you could get from anywhere. You know the sofa I talking about, you're probably sitting on it right now. So why come to our store just to realize that perhaps YOU are not the ones ready for Bo Concept.

To all those disappointed customers who purchased their first sets of furniture from Bo Concept, let this be a learning lesson to you.
Sure, I could see why one would assume for speedier service as they walk into any of our showrooms. I'd be fooled by large store layouts to assume that what's displayed on the showroom would be able to be delivered within a week or so. But perhaps if you took the time to understand what Bo Concept is all about, then you'd realize that what is displayed on the showroom is just a tiny percentage of what could be done by using our modular parts. And to create and configure sofas, wall sytems, bedroom sets, Dining sets, this all takes time, maybe more time than you can afford. Who do you think IKEA is for? They're for you.

This is the reason why we as a sales staff LOVE TO WORK WITH OLDER, MORE EXPERIENCED and more importantly, KNOWLEDGEABLE SHOPPERS, because no matter what you throw at them, they've been through it all before.

I want to end this rebuttable on a good note, and I'll end it by saying this. Before you walk into a Bo Concept, OR any other European Furniture store, know this. You're going to have to wait for the good stuff, and there's nothing anyone can do to speed up the process.

With time, you'll realize that we as a furniture store can not control many of the situations that make the process so lengthly, such as weather conditions that do not allow a freight liners to be sent overseas, holidays, backorders, etc. As a sales staff, we do not recieve any commsission on the orders until the customer recieves their furniture,(12-14 weeks) so of coarse we want to you to get your furniture as bad as you do.

And you wouldn't believe me even if I swore on my mother's life, but was I'm writing this, an older shopper walked in with one of our catalogs, with pages tabbed off of the items he wants, explained to him how our service works, and within 5 minutes, he spent $7,500 like there was no tomorrow. Again, I LOVE MATURE, EXPERIENCED SHOPPERS.

NOTE: This is from a reader called "Bo Concept Employee"

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