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I would like to thank whoever suggested I look into the bedding at Bed Bath & Beyond – Hotel Collection (or whatever its called) – 600 thread count – Full set for $99. Wow! Georgeous and a great night’s sleep.

I rode my bike up the path along the East River and was wondering why I don’t do it every day.

anne (the mean one)
NT – I got my name because at the party last week guido asked if I was the nice anne or the mean anne. I figured I was safe in saying I was the mean one just in case.

Anne, the first one/in Dallas
So, Guido and Anne (the mean one)…. does that mean I am the “nice” one??

Hey, kids — Curtis here from my dad’s glacially slow dial-up internet connection in the Deep South.

I went with my sister on an errand yesterday in a nearby Mississippi town and next door to where she had to go, there was a little home accessories shop called Millane’s, so that’s me that sent those little photos to the flickr thing on the right.

morning commute was beautiful yesterday, walking over the bridge. the commute home, pretty scary and utterly exhausting at times.

another day…..