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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I escape to a lovely 3 bedroom, three bath house in the lower Berkshires.
It has a rolling lawn, manicured flower beds, swimming pool, and vegetable garden. Though I have the option of cooking for myself, most nights, a lovely meal is provided by a talented chef. I casually refer to this place as my parents’ house.

I do the cabin in the woods thing.
Its a place I had built on 7 acres of land in the Adirondacks. I’m not sure I could take Manhattan without it. It is one bedroom, one bath a sleeping loft and a couple of great porches. Just enough, and very cozy. (pic at right)

Since it’s Friday, we thought we’d put in another early plug for our pictoral contest next month that we hope will harvest a pile of beautiful ideas and resources for summer interior design.

If you have a beautiful escape or have a friend who does, take pics, give us your tips and show us what is nice about it (INSIDE & OUT).

We’re looking for cabins, salt shacks, front porches and tree-top aeries. You don’t need to take photos of the whole place, one great room will do. We’ll have more info on Monday. MGR