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  • Enrique: My experience with these wasn’t so good. The candelas look great and work well, but my issue is with the battery.

  • Jamie Pup: I was googling for candela and nicad and found these flickering beauts!

    They use LEDs (Candela use incandescent) so you should get a warmer type of light and today’s LEDs are pretty energy efficient so you should get long battery life.

  • Enrique: Ok, just looked at the Philips Aurelle on the link jamie pup provided. These look great, and are about 40% cheaper than the Candelas!

  • Anonymous: Amazon has the Philip’s Aurelles for $24.95 each.

  • Richard: Did anyone mention Smartcandle.com?

  • Alyce: I think Hammacher Schlemmer sells another, similar, non-flickering, less-expensive version as well. Thoughts?