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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

bobo: Disposable & trendy furniture shouldn’t cost 4 figures.

Stacey: I think you miss the point…Lest thee forget, Ikea is crap and irresponsibly disposable pressboard.

Dan: I find it really funny that people are recommending to others what to purchase based upon their own budget.

D*S: i was wondering what people would say about this…it got everyone’s feathers ruffled over on d*s… [but] i don’t think there’s harm in mentioning that it’s a resource out there.

greg from daddytypes: First, thanks for the shoutouts.

Second, consider the possibility that someone who’s predisposed to spending $3k for a piece of kid furniture might be deciding which furniture to get, not whether they should send $2850 of it to Sally Struthers. (Ten Nicaraguan orphans can eat for a week for the cost of that tiramisu you ordered last night, but I doubt many of you weighed the option of donating the $6 and just loading up on free mints instead.)

In any case, isn’t the world at least marginally better off if some banker’s offspring gets a well-designed MoxBox instead of a $3k tole-painted schlockbox from some ruffly boutique in the Hamptons? It’d be a small victory, but at least it’d be something.