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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
  • TeoNYC: I had a door store sofa years ago, and it held up very well.

  • Curtis: I love the pair that I have; a friend of mine loves the pair he has of one of the other designs in that series, and a friend of a friend seems very happy with his pair of yet a third design in that series.

  • Mer: Almost all of my furniture (book cases, bed, desk, dresser) is from the Door Store and I cannot say enough about their quality and service, not to mention their prices. I am a snob-and-a-half when it comes to design, but I don’t have the wallet to match–I found their stuff to be a wonderful compromise.

  • Scott: I just dug this up from some copywriting I did years ago. I interviewed…like 15 high end manufacturers and decorators and put together a “how to buy good upholstery” primer. [The entire piece is included in comments]