On The Blog

Overheard on the blog: We confessed to having a label-loving problem with an Hermes Blanket and people responded. Some seemed disgusted, others sympathetic. This is LA, you’d think there’d be a 12 step for something like this.

RACHEL: “This is Dumb”, she suggested instead that we “scour thrift shops for damaged old scarves and quilt with them.”

ENRIQUE: “Nothing wrong with being a label whore, if you’ve got the cash to buy in!”

WENDE in San Francisco had a good tip: “If that exact blanket, with any labels cut off or otherwise missing, showed up at a thrift store for $20, would you still want it?” (Want it? We’d push over an old lady to get it!)

LUIGI upped the anti with: “Another choice in the super luxe category: LORO PIANA – Cashmere throw trimmed in suede”

JANE hit the homerun with a friend who: “buys out merchandise from natural disasters and he just got a shipment (with) lots of Hermes items. Check for it on ebay”.