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Max: I’d go nuts if I had to sleep in the living room.

Doppelganger: I’d say it really depends on your baby, and you won’t know what kind of personality and habits the little nipper has till she or he pops out.

Alizon: I spent 6 years on a 30′ sailboat cruising around the world with two children (at start of trip 6 mons & 3 yrs). Two adults and 2 children in a small boat and we all survived beautifully. The key is to simplify –

irene: I’ve lived in a 350 sq ft east village studio with my husband and daughter for the past 2.6 years. we’re moving out now. it’s definetley doable.

Alecia: The only other thing I can recommend is to be strict with yourselves and others about what toys the baby can have. You’ll find yourself overwhelmed with them all soon enough. And honestly, the baby will become bored before the batteries can go dead.