On the Market: Dreamy Urban Castle

If ever there were a property destined to be mobbed by looky-loos, this is it. The Albion Castle looks as if it might be straight out of medieval Europe… except it’s in Hunter’s Point. Once a brewery, then a spring water bottling company, it’s now on the market for anyone in a castle-buying mood. (Nicolas Cage, are you out there?)

When the building went up in 1870, it housed the brewery; then in the late thirties the company began bottling the spring water that gathered in caverns under the building. The caverns are still there, though we can’t really imagine what a new owner would do with them. And really, who cares? Isn’t owning your own caverns enough?? Evidently the property includes numerous patios and terraced gardens as well; a fairy tale, right smack in the middle of industrial San Francisco.

Seriously, the realtors are marketing this $2.95 million property as a potential restaurant, event space, or bed and breakfast. The location might make it difficult to sell it as such, but it does look like an amazing place. Has anyone been past it before? Do share: What’s it like on the outside?

To read more about the Albion Castle, check out the full story on SFGate. There’s also a website about the castle’s history here.

(Images: Reflex Imaging, via SFGate)