On The New Year & Giving Yourself a Month Off

On The New Year & Giving Yourself a Month Off

Sarah Rae Smith
Jan 3, 2012

outside1.jpg During the month of January you hear all sorts of buzz words for new resolutions. But what if none of us resolved to do anything. What if for one whole month we didn't do a thing to our homes and we just acknowledged what items and issues we're truly living with. Have you ever given yourself a month off?

January always seems like the fresh start time for everyone. Decorations are packed up, the house is clean again and suddenly we have the urge to do ridiculous projects or deep clean something. It seems like we need a plan and the new year forces it upon us. So this month, I'm saying no. No to it all (well everything except daily chores that is).

This month nothing new is coming into my home (if I can help it), nothing is going out, nothing major is happening and I want to exist in my space just the way it is. Often we focus on all the things that need to be done and it causes a sort of unsettledness in our home.

During January I will be taking a moment to focus on all the items that I'm living with, the things that need to be done and the priority in which they should happen. It should hopefully give me the boost that I need to keep going the rest of the year and really get things set in place. If you are always one foot out the door, or always doing something else in your home, you're never really experiencing it. It doesn't do you any good to dress it up, fix it up or make it pretty if you never get to enjoy it. So this writer, this writer is taking a break. Who's with me?

Image: Flickr member Faster Panda Kill Kill licensed for use by Creative Commons

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