On the Pursuit of Happiness

In celebration of the Fresh Melon Green everyone’s so crazy about, here’s the first stanza of Federico García Lorca’s poem “Romance Sonambulo” as translated by William Logan:

        Green, how I want you green.
	Green wind. Green branches.
	The ship out on the sea
	and the horse on the mountain. 
	With the shade around her waist 
	she dreams on her balcony, 
	green flesh, her hair green, 
	with eyes of cold silver. 
	Green, how I want you green. 
	Under the gypsy moon, 
	all things are watching her 
	and she cannot see them.

The Academy of American Poets site has the full translation and the original poem in Spanish.

And here’s another poem, this one by Dutch Boy and myself:

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)