On the Set: Pride & Prejudice

On the Set: Pride & Prejudice

Grace Shu
Aug 18, 2008

This past weekend, we fulfilled a family obligation: entertaining a 14-year-old girl. It's been awhile since we remember what that was like; and quite frankly, times have changed. In an effort to tear our young charge away from her vampire book for a minute (and okay, we MAY have wanted to educate her a little bit by showing her a love story that doesn't involve a 17-year-old vampire being "romantic" by stalking his girlfriend / dinner / whatever and watching her sleep), we popped in Pride & Prejudice starring Keira Knightley...and ended up checking out the set decor. Take a look at some photos from the movie after the jump!

Longbourne: The Bennet Family Home

Unlike some of the past movies and tv shows that we've featured, this movie was filmed entirely on location in the UK, and in real stately homes and not built sets. We particularly love the serene blues and creams throughout Longbourn

Jane and Elizabeth's bedroom

Jane and Elizabeth's vanity area. Check out the shabby chic cherub sitting in the window...

Living Room. The arrangement of furniture here is interesting: two loveseats are placed back-to-back perpendicular to the fireplace, separating the room in half for both intimate conversations and solitary reading. (The other side of the living room is featured in the top photo).

Mrs. Bennet's bedroom. All romantic bedding and canopies, all in the same muted tones of blue.

Mr. Bennet's study.

Probably one of the more famous shots from the movie: Jane quietly waiting for a marriage proposal. The blue walls with white white trim looks amazing in the sunlight.

Netherfield Park: The Bingleys Home

The spatial arrangement of the dining room is pretty funny to us: a huge room, a small breakfast table...when a guest is announced, it's like they are royalty, receiving commoners.

Netherfield is done in silvery grey-blues, whites, and muted golds. It feels much more refined than the shabby chic look of Longbourn, much more polished.

The guest bedroom, where Jane is sick. The wallpaper is apparently custom, made specifically for the movie, and costs an arm and a leg.

We're having serious furniture lust for that sofa.

Another interesting arrangement: two sofas facing each other, parallel to the fireplace; and a desk in between. This arrangement feels very inclusive: guests can chat with each other easily, or stick to their own activities of writing and/or reading.

Other Shots...

The Collins' Home.

Rosings. Lady Catherine's ostentatious living room, done up in dramatic brocade and heavy gold.

Pemberley, The Darcy Family Home. This home is just as opulent as Rosings, but feels less oppressive. The walls are painted an off-white and accented with gold, and mixes the vibrant reds with stately navy blue.

If you hated the film version of Pride & Prejudice and prefer the BBC miniseries version, then check out Linda Merrill's Get That Look feature on her blog Silver Screen Surroundings.

P.S. Twilight fans, please don't send us hate emails (you can, however, vent here). You just don't see Mr. Darcy being a peeping tom and sneaking into Lizzy's window at the dead of the night to watch her sleep; and if he did, she'd probably scream bloody murder and promptly kick him out the window while threatening to tell Lady Catherine about his creepy behavior. Instead, he just looks at her across parlor rooms, which is a lot less scary and more socially acceptable.

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