On The Set: Sydney Bristow's Apartment on Alias

On The Set: Sydney Bristow's Apartment on Alias

Grace Shu
Sep 23, 2008

SpyDaddy and Sydney Bristow marvel at how nicely the Arco lamp goes with the green sectional plot to save the world from some Da Vinci poser.
Confession: We spent a good part of this summer rotting our brains watching the entire...SERIES...of Alias. And let us just say that it took us the better part of two months (partly due to a much-appreciated break of Olympic athleticism), but we managed to put in about an episode or two regularly (although there was one very sloth-like weekend where we packed in about eight episodes in one sitting and ate through four Costco-sized boxes of popsicles).

Anyway, if you don't know the storyline, it can be generally summed up as, "Jennifer Garner wears wigs, kicks ass, and has the best apartment EVER from Season 3 to the end." Or, if you have a LOT of time on your hands and prefer reading to watching TV but finds this all very intriguing, then may we recommend these awesome snark-filled recaps at TWOP? Unfortunately, neither the DVDs nor the recaps answer our nagging question: Do CIA agents make enough money to afford an apartment in Santa Monica a block from the beach? If so, we may have to rethink our career. Oh well, we'll probably never know...Here are a few screenshots from Season 3 (although in retrospect, we wished we took screenshots from Season 4 when Mia Maestro moves in).

Another shot of living room during an episode where Sydney and Weiss (Greg Grunberg) unpack all of her worldly possessions...was it all in storage for the two years she was faking people's death for some rogue terrorist organization? All right, fine, we'll stop with the Alias commentary and focus on the set: as much as we love the sofa and the lamp, it's really the wood walls and huge windows that had us from the start.

The counter/bar that is easy access to the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Convenient for entertaining...and cross-indexing a top 10 list of why your ex-boyfriend's current wife is an evil, evil person (with help from your dad).

Sydney's bedroom. The wood walls are carried throughout the entire apartment; and in this particular shot, it works beautifully with the windows and the bamboo greenery outside. This bedroom still feels very cozy despite the hard angles of the furniture--we suspect it's all in the warm colors and soft textures of the rug and blankets.

Because no home is complete without a bottle of tequila and a good friend to get wasted with on a weeknight.

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