On Truly Learning How To Clean Your Home

On Truly Learning How To Clean Your Home

Sarah Rae Smith
May 26, 2010

The act of cleaning is loved, hated and often ignored. The transition from being a teenager to a grownup often times leaves many without the skill set to take the cleanliness of their own space seriously. Even if you did chores growing up, nothing quite prepares you for the dedication it requires to tackle your entire living area. How did you learn or are you still mastering the art?

Growing up, I had chores and helped around the house whenever it was needed. But when you have your own home to operate, it's different. College didn't prepare me, keeping your dorm room clean isn't any big deal, nor a necessity, but it wasn't until living on my own for 5 years and an additional 5 years of marriage that I truly understand the routine of how a home operates.

It's not that I'm exactly slow at catching on, but cleaning requires more than a little here and a little there. Each home and how it's used, operates differently. Learning the order in which to do things so they don't need to be repeated, the days that work best for certain tasks or even how thoroughly to do a task to ensure cleanliness and not just tidiness... these were all bits of knowledge gained in my own life.

When did you learn how to truly clean? Was it something learned when you were younger? Did you learn by trial and error through the early years of adulthood or are you still managing to miss the dirty clothes basket? If only they'd have had a Life Skills class in highschool, maybe I would have even paid attention.

(Image: Flickr member Todd Baker licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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