One Don’t-Miss Holiday Cleaning Tip

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Guests are coming over. Soon. It’s a common state of things during the holiday season, but maybe you’re just home from a long day at the office, gift shopping, or party preparation. So you’re rushing to get your home and yourself ready for company. One cleaning tip to be sure you don’t forget?

Stop cleaning when your guests arrive.

This is surprisingly tough for some (maybe tougher than mopping or vacuuming). It’s so easy to get caught up in preparing for guests and overlook the point of holiday get-togethers, which is getting together. So once your guests arrive, be sure to welcome them and turn your attention to being a gracious host, allowing yourself to enjoy the occasion, too.

There’s no use in scrutinizing what you missed, apologizing for that one last dusty surface, or trying to get in a few more minutes of last-minute cleaning once your guests have arrived. Continuing to clean or nitpicking yourself will make guests feel secondary instead of feeling comfortable and welcomed. Your shindig will most likely be a bigger success if you drop the dusting when guests come through the door and join the party!