One Good Thing: The Amazing Tabasco Yellow Jacket Repellant Secret

published Jun 17, 2021
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Welcome back to One Good Thing BACK AT HOME! Yes, this week I’m back in my yard, enjoying the warm weather and sharing with you YET ANOTHER genius tip for repelling bugs – this time, yellow jackets – which can really drive you batty by getting in your food and drink on a hot summer day.

This tip came from a restaurant upstate that I went to last autumn. They had a really bad infestation of yellow jackets bothering all the dining tables, and one of the staff members had this tip and suggested they try it. It worked. When we sat down at our table we saw a little dish of tabasco on our table and thought it was a condiment of some kind. Not at all. The restaurant had been putting them out for just a few days and all the yellow jackets were staying away. Problem SOLVED!

I love these unique little unlikely hacks and tips. If you have one, please pop it into the comments below and I’ll be right down there to check it out. I might even turn it into a video with Hands and give you mad props. 🙂

Best, M

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