One Man's Trash is Another Man's Headphone Storage

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Headphone Storage

Taryn Williford
Aug 15, 2012

Who needs money when you have ingenuity? These three headphone wrap hacks come at the bargain price of free, using found objects to create earbud storage. Pick your favorite method (tape dispenser? Metro card?) and get ready to dig up your office trash bin.

This tape dispenser headphone wrap is the brainchild of Instructables user PropPrintables, and it makes headphone storage easy and inexpensive: Step one, use up tape. Step two, wind headphone cords where the tape used to be.

But this isn't the only way we've seen people make trash into headphone-storage treasure. You can use:

An ID badge clip. Wind your headphones back and forth, then secure them in the center with the grippy loop. It'll keep your cords in order and help you keep track of them with the attached clip. Find one of these laying around your office.

An old credit card or metro card. With a few strategic cuts, you can turn an old card into a pretty great headphone wrap. Use your expired subway card, or wait until you get one of those fake credit cards in the mail.

Do you have any other ideas for turning something disposable into something useful?

(Images: Instructables user Prop Printables, Instructables user runhenryrun, Jesse Leikin)

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