One Minute Tip: How to Fall in Love with Your Apartment

One Minute Tip: How to Fall in Love with Your Apartment

Rebecca Blumhagen
Feb 14, 2013

When Amelia Meena told me that she sometimes tells her clients to think of their relationship with their apartment the same way they would think of dating someone, at first I said, whaaaaat??? And then, it all came clear.

Today's One Minute Tip comes from Amelia Meena of Appleshine, Lifestyle Organization. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!!

"Every relationship takes a little effort, even the relationship with your apartment. Try "dating" your apartment. Don't let your past weigh it down- get rid of old stuff that you have no intention of keeping. Make room for some one-on-one time- schedule an hour each week to go through the junk mail, sort the recycling or organize papers on your desk. Show some TLC- gift your apartment with special items that inspire and enhance your living space and clear out items that create clutter. And, most importantly, accept your apartment for what it is; don't try to change it- embrace the quirky flaws that give your apartment character and organize around them." - Amelia

• The Star: Amelia Meena moved to New York City in a roundabout way from Kentucky, bringing only 2 suitcases and dreams of Broadway. Nearly a decade later, she's sung onstage, acted on screen and has found the best thing about organization is efficiency (it's gone up to 4 suitcases now but that's still pretty good for city living). Her company, Appleshine, Lifestyle Organization, has helped men, women, families and businesses clear out clutter and make the most of their space. When she's not Appleshining someone's lifestyle, she's running in Central Park, playing violin with a bluegrass band, catching up on reading for her 2 book clubs or wandering around The Container Store.

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