One Minute Tip: Organize When You Read the News

One Minute Tip: Organize When You Read the News

Rebecca Blumhagen
Mar 19, 2013

Today's One Minute Tip comes from Justin Klosky, with a reminder to keep the peaceful sanctuary that is your home just that: home, by organizing how much of the news of the rest of the world you want to allow in -- and when you consume it.

"Keeping your home feeling alive, creative and clutter free takes discipline. Just like you would read your news in a set location (preferably not next to your sleeping partner) you want to set areas in your home for almost any task. Keeping these areas free of other items will allow you to focus on your intentions rather than all of the other distractions. A simple example is your kitchen table...a lot of households use their table as a collection area for mail, daily work, to-do items, only to find when it is time to eat everything gets piled together and pushed out of the way. When dinner is over you are left with a pile of "stuff" to go through and before you know it those piles become hills! Designate areas in your home for specific tasks and discipline yourself to keep those areas free and clear of anything else, and you will find your home more and more peaceful, and your self living more and more the way you set out to." - Justin

• The Star: Drawing from his life-long struggle with the clinical form of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), Justin Klosky has transformed the cumbersome disorder into an organization that promotes stress reduction and manageability. Branded as "Master Organizer" on CBS's The Talk and "Organization Expert" on the Anderson Show with Anderson Cooper, Justin works hard to bring order to his clients' lives. With O.C.D.'s guidance and expertise, clients can get through the most difficult obstacles to create a systematic approach to living.

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