One of a Kind DIY: Kevin's Ball Pit on a Balcony

One of a Kind DIY: Kevin's Ball Pit on a Balcony

Janel Laban
Sep 27, 2011

Kevin is a software consultant (and yes, a grown up) AND he and his roommates wanted a ball pit of their very own. So he built one...on the balcony...with 5 THOUSAND balls in it. He sent an email and shared his how-to with us, in case any of you want to follow in his footsteps. But, the real lesson here is to keep Kevin in mind for the next time you are getting too serious about what color to paint the dining room. Because, just as Kevin and everyone else who follows their own drummer knows, you can do what you like and simply rock on…

Kevin's take on the ball pit project from his blog: A lot of people have asked me "Why would you, as an adult, want to own a ball pit?" And the answer every time is "because of this xkcd comic." There's something about a ball pit that just screams PURE FUN. You can't sit in a ball pit and not smile. It's like you turn to jello and float on plastic bubbles of multi-colored joy. I have spent a large portion of my summer in my balcony ball pit, and I could go on about stress-relieving effects, or about "deciding what 'being an adult' means in the 21st century", or even about how this is probably something you dreamed about as a child/teenager/college student, but really, it's a ball pit on a balcony. How does that NOT sound awesome?

Kevin's how-to post includes very real, accurate instructions - as well as tips on how to "friend-proof" the pit (yes, people just MIGHT be drinking while using the pit, so safety first!) and advice on what to include (such as a small basketball net to give people something to throw the balls at, as Kevin says, other than each other...or you). It also includes a complete list of all the necessary materials, including the essential $2 inflatable shark.

All the info and more pics: How To Build A Ball Pit On Your Balcony

Images: via Kevin James Hunt

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