One Quick Tip To Make Cleaning Easier

One Quick Tip To Make Cleaning Easier

Regina Yunghans
Mar 26, 2013

I used to hate cleaning behind this large potted plant. It is too big to move on a regular basis, and climbing back into the corner behind the pot to dust made me feel like a bull in a china shop. So guess what? That corner was always dusty. Until I had an "aha moment" which has meant that this corner is kept as clean as the rest of the house:

Now, this is going to sound overly simple, and you may be saying, "Well, duh!" But sometimes it takes beating your head against the wall a few times (literally, in this case, as I would crawl into the hard-to-reach corner to chase down dust bunnies) before the simplest solution presents itself. Here's what finally hit me:

I nudged the pot an inch or so, to space it off of both walls the same distance as the width of my vacuum cleaner. Now when I clean, I can effortlessly vacuum right over that pesky corner and get on with my business. What used to be an irksome point in my cleaning routine is no longer a hangup at all!

This idea can be carried into furniture layouts, spacings, and placement. While I wouldn't recommend laying out a room based solely on the width of your vacuum cleaner, if it can be accommodated with a nudge here and a little adjustment there, it will make for much happier housekeeping (likely increasing how often you are willing to clean)!

(Images: Regina Yunghans

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