Using One Room for Life & Work

Using One Room for Life & Work

Anthony Nguyen
Aug 26, 2010

We'd like to be given the ability to work while we sleep. Well, maybe we'll never be that talented, but perhaps the idea of pure minimal living mixed with our love for a techno-lifestyle may be the perfect Kool-Aid for our workaholic tendencies. Even if that means the walls were to crumble around us leaving nothing but an extra large room to work with. Similarly, Shinichi Ogawa and Associates explores this idea with their latest project in regards to complete minimal loft-like living: Warehouse.

Single room living requires certain and specific solutions, especially in regards to technology and appliances (and where they go). Let's take after Shinichi Ogawa and Associates and see did right in this space here.

For the living room, SO+A utilize wall shelves that hide the entertainment equipment (a popular trend seen earlier today). Because of smart placement of electronics, media, and controllers, the space seems more open and uncluttered than if everything were to be placed in the open.

Additionally, with such a wide and open space, it'd be nice to have the ability to chat as well as work on the sofa without having to worry about losing power after a few hours. We always recommend investing in an additional extension cord for times when laptop juice starts to run a little low.

As for the kitchen, the countertops can be used as double-duty for a working surface as SO+A have done with their Apple iMac, which seems to double as a home office. How does someone simplify their home office setup to be so open, yet presentable? The key here is to control those wires, keep desktop clutter to a minimum, and boil down to your "tech essentials," especially for the stuff you plan on having out in the open.

Loft and studio life brings very similar design challenges in camouflaging electronic gear and wire control (Above: Joel's minimalistic sound system that utilizes an Airport Express to stream music wirelessly into a custom built cabinet speaker).

Got a quirky loft or open space that needs extra attention to get working? Let us know your problem and we (and our readers) will find a solution!

[Via DesignBoom]

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