One Small Chore to Help You Master Daily Cleaning

One Small Chore to Help You Master Daily Cleaning

Sarah Coffey
Oct 19, 2009

Before you read this post, we should admit that we're terrible at daily cleaning. We've tried lots of tricks, and although they tend to work for a while, we usually slide back into the old habit of binge cleaning on the weekends. That said, whenever we are able to master the art of daily cleaning (however temporarily) it usually hinges on…

…focusing on one single thing. Choosing one chore to do every day takes the pressure off and creates the consistency necessary to get into better cleaning habits. Even better, if you start with a task that you sort of enjoy, you're much more likely to keep up with it. For instance, we hate doing the laundry and we're probably never going to do it more than once a week, but making the bed is something we don't mind, so we're much more likely to steer ourselves into a neat streak if we start by making the bed.

We get into the habit of thinking, "As long as I'm making the bed, I'll do a load of dishes, too." Start with something simple, then move forward from there.

A few ideas for chores to choose:
• Make your bed every morning.
• Sweep your floors.
• Declutter your entryway.
• Clean off your coffee table.
• Clear off and clean your kitchen countertops and sink.

Since we've admitted that we're not exactly experts on this subject, feel free to add your recommendations for developing a daily cleaning plan below.


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