One Trick to Slowing Down Time: An August Letter From the Apartment Therapy Editor

published Aug 5, 2019
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One of my early August highlights: this rainbow headboard idea featured in this Melbourne house tour (part of our "World at Home" series running all month.)

The other day, I finished up some fairly normal office small talk by saying, “I can’t believe it’s almost August.” As soon as the cliche left my mouth, I felt a little silly. But it’s also true: summer has its own way of flying by, even while I’m complaining about the endless-seeming 100-degree-plus days in Manhattan.

Research shows that one reason time seems to move even faster as we get older is because our lives naturally become more monotonous over time (when we’re kids, everything is new). So as comforting as a routine can feel, it can make life seem way too quick. One trick to feeling like you’re slowing down time? Inserting novel experiences into your life, like learning a new skill, exploring a new place, or, yes, taking a vacation somewhere new. (In retrospect, perhaps this is why weekends binging Netflix in the AC fly by quicker than the overscheduled ones, even if they feel more exhausting in the moment.)

Of course, planning a full trip isn’t always possible, whether it’s because of vacation days, budget, or family obligations. So with all of this in mind, we’re embracing the travel season at Apartment Therapy this month. For starters, we’re going on a virtual trip — around the globe (hey, virtual trips don’t have budgets!). On Aug. 1, we kicked off a monthlong series called “The World at Home,” where we’ll be touring a new space around the globe each day of the month. Through this series, we’ll be exploring what home looks like around the world as we find both what’s different in each place—and what’s universal. You can follow along with each update here. And we need help filling in the map beyond August: you can submit your home for consideration here

Throughout this month, we’ll look at the theme of travel as it relates back to home in other ways, as well. We’ll bring you a guide to responsible souveniring, a look at what to know before staying in an international homestay, interviews with architects on every continent, and an exploration of the difference between inspiration and cultural appropriation in home design and decor.

Already took your vacation? We’ll also have plenty of tips to help you wrap up summer, from the practical (an explainer on the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting) to the fun (the best plant for every Enneagram type) to the practical and fun (the best kitchen top options, according to experts—hey, don’t hate on our idea of fun).

Where are you traveling this year? What have you learned along the way?


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