10 Hilarious Tweets About Online Shopping That Are Terrifyingly Relatable

updated Jul 15, 2019
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A decade ago, consumers were still getting used to the idea of buying necessities online, many still preferring to shop at an actual storefront. But now, it’s hard to remember a time when we added items to a physical cart instead of a virtual one (which many are doing today, because Amazon Prime Day).

The challenges we face in the online shopping realm are very different than the in-person ones. Like how we’ll spend hundreds of dollars on a Roomba, but the $12 shipping is what makes our stomachs drop. Does it make sense? No. Do we all feel it? Yes.

So we scavenged around Twitter to find more of these relatable and undeniably hilarious moments that brings the online shopping community together. See below for our favorites that really resonated, for better or for worse.

Do we really need another reminder that yes, my bank account will be going down for this? Short answer: nope.

Hey, it’s called self-care.

Proof that retail therapy is REAL (not that we’re encouraging it).

It’s definitely not just students, but you get the joke.

Opposite scenario. Also, in this scenario, I would totally be lying if I said I didn’t wish to be said child emperor.

Maybe if we blink enough the amount will just disappear? Fingers crossed.

Yes, that’s definitely a sign that things may have gotten out of hand.

You’ll sleep like a baby.

If this deal actually exists out there in the universe, good luck.

Okay, so having a dog who comforts you in times of shopping addiction isn’t super relatable, the desire to have one definitely is.