Ooh la la! Le Grenier Antiques

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

One of the drawbacks to working with a group of trendy Parisians is that they always seem to find the best deals on some amazing antiques. But the upside? Inspiration AND resources! After my Paris-based co-worker sent me photos of another one of his great finds (a 19th century hair salon chair in perfect condition–and he plans on using it as a task chair), I finally got ONE resource out of him to share: Voilà, Le Grenier!

This shop is chock full of beautiful items from gorgeous weather-worn doors salvaged from a restaurant to inspiring statues that look wonderful in a garden. And while we can find equally great vintage pieces in our own salvage yards and estate sales, it’s inspiring to see some authentic French antiques–and how some of these pieces are reinterpreted today.