"Ooo, nice."
Jonathan B.
May 30, 2008

imageBilge Lounge Chair by uhuru

"Ooo, nice."



Seven more after the jump, including:

  • "that would take up a whole lot of space, considering it's just for umbrellas."

  • "A bit too high-concept for my taste."

  • "The plunger is a pretty environmentally friendly solution to clogged drains."

imageHP's Green Printer

"ten minutes ago I took my POC Epson printer down to the trash"



imageLook! A Recycled Bird Feeder

"That "unidentifiable plastic part"... instantly transforms a 2 litre pop bottle into a feeder!"



imageHot or Not: Take Care Umbrella Stand

"that would take up a whole lot of space, considering it's just for umbrellas"



imageReader Tip: Turn Salvaged Drawers Into a Cat Tree

"...apparently it has to be super solid otherwise the cat won't touch it. "



imageLook! A Cool (Green?) Broom in Italy

"Many, many brooms are made out of natural materials."



imageLook! Clotheslines in Italy

"I've always thought clotheslines were charming. Even if they were ugly, who cares?"



imageGreen Cleaning: Drainbo

"the plunger is a pretty environmentally friendly solution to clogged drains"



imageBlogging The San Francisco Chronicle: Green at the ICFF

"it was intended to be used in African communities where there is a central source of water and each household has to retrieve their water for the day from it."



imageReview: Freshaire Choice Paint from The Home Depot

"I take exception to play-doh not having a chemical odor."



imageGreen Terrazzo? Trend Q Engineered Stone

"How does this compare to Ice Stone?"



imagePop Quiz! Beneath the Label

"I didn't realize unilever still practiced animal testing..."

-E to the M


imageLiving Green House Tour at BHG.com

"It looks like there is a clear glass or plexi rectangular column stand with the lightbulbs inside of it."



imageZyliss Easy Slice 2 Folding Mandoline

"I recently purchased a mandoline from Amazon and I'm totally enamored. I mean for $26 you can not beat this deal..."

-Katie of RunawayOctober


imageLanding Strip Solution:
KangaRoom 3 Pod Bamboo Charging Station

"With the slide-open front, you can just switch off the power strip when you're done charging and voila, no power drain."



image How to: Clean Your Microwave

"Adding lemon makes it smell lovely as well."

-Jennifer G.


imageWhy It's Green: Windows that Open

"Every time I've worked someplace where you could open windows or prop a door open, people did bonehead things like open them to warm up because the A/C was too cold!"



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