What Do You Want In A Netbook?

What Do You Want In A Netbook?

Anthony Nguyen
Oct 30, 2008

Okay, so we may have been a little harsh on the netbooks lately. There has to be plenty of room for growth in the field and computers such as the Asus Eee have done a great job paving the way for the introduction of cheap, simple PCs to the mass market. However, just the bare minimums don't usually cut it these days.. we'd like to suggest a few changes to keep those PCs in high demand.

First, we'd like to see screens that are of high quality and resolution so people don't end up straining their eyes trying to read the tiny fonts on these little things. Websites may also face a challenge of keeping things scalable for such low resolution browsers in the future, so keeping the resolution high and screens a decent size (we say don't get anything lower than 11-inches) will definitely alleviate all that unnecessary squinting.

Secondly, while making them gaming computers seems a bit ridiculous, we'd suggest having a video card and processor that's strong enough to do a couple of common tasks without slowing down. For example, streaming YouTube video while chatting on AIM should not be an issue for this time in age. The ability to output to a high-definition television would be pushing it, but we'd welcome the addition nonetheless.

We're also suggesting Apple get into the game (although Steve Jobs did mention a thing or two, last time we heard...) soon and with more innovation than any of these PC makers have done so far. We're totally in love with HP's new Mini 1000, but the keyboard still feels cramped and the trackpad is a bit awkward to say the least. How about an upgraded iTouch+ tablet laptop model for $399.

Oh, we can only dream right...? Help us dream, readers! What do you want to see in the next killer netbook?

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