Open Shelving Keeps You Honest, and Other Tips for Getting (and Staying) Organized

Open Shelving Keeps You Honest, and Other Tips for Getting (and Staying) Organized

Nancy Mitchell
Sep 14, 2014

As everyone who's ever tried to say organized knows, having a tidy, uncluttered home takes more than just a big "I'm-a organize all the things!" binge every now and then. Getting (and staying) organized is more about developing attitudes and habits that help you keep clutter under control every day, and not just once a month or twice a year. We dug into our video archives for some of our best ideas for things you can do to get organized — and stay that way for good.

Professional organizer Jeni Aron has an unconventional tip for staying organized: have at least one open shelf in your home. Open shelving "keeps you honest" by forcing you to think about the things you own, how you use them, and why you hold on to them.

But wait, I hear you saying. Didn't you just tell me to store things out in the open? Now you're telling me to stuff them away in a drawer? Well, no matter how much effort you make to own lovely things, you're still going to have a few things you don't want to look at all the time. You might also have a few little odds and ends that you use often, but that don't really have a home elsewhere. These things go in the junk drawer. Embrace your junk drawer, use it to its full decluttering potential, and clean it out every once in a while so it isn't full of... well, junk.

And finally, one more way to make your organizing life easier: store things where you use them. Do you constantly find yourself running upstairs to get the scissors, or across the house for a hammer, or what have you? Store things where you use them and they'll be that much easier to find when you need them, and put away when you don't.

Thanks for watching, and happy organizing!

(Image credits: Liz Vidyarthi, from Lyndsay and Fitzhugh's Summer Cottage in the City)

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