Open Thread 15

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Questions? Ideas? Thoughts?
Welcome to Ivy, whose doors we look forward to seeing, Visitor, who was disappointed in the Plexo lamp, missmobtown, who we’re hoping will fill us in on her experience with Java-Logs, and to Marie Summers, who has a question about distilled white vinegar.
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And welcome still to Shelley, who’s taking Triscuits and peanut butter with her in case of disaster, Amber, who adds DWR’s Kotree to the great rack list, jako, rayona, and Sarah, who all had something to say about that Craftsman renovation, Cilla, who’s been inspired to write on her chocolate walls, and CD, who has a cool and inexpensive DIY idea for an open storage sofa.
(pic by Federico Mena Quintero)