Shave 15 Minutes Off Your Morning with These Tech Tips

Shave 15 Minutes Off Your Morning with These Tech Tips

Joel Pirela
Aug 20, 2010

Getting up can be oh-so hard. But using certain devices that you already have around, optimizing each second of the morning, and by starting as soon as you wake up, mornings can be made a little easier.

A simple and obvious tip is to use your cellphone as an alarm clock (there are plenty of styles/features to choose from), that way you minimize the amount of devices on your night stand. Make sure your handset is charged (we like to charge our handset each night) and avoid the snooze button by keeping the handset somewhere nearby, but far enough you have to get up to turn off the alarm. Set the alarm 5 minutes earlier. Also sync your scheduling apps to give you updates of what's happening that day, so upon waking up, you know get a refresh summary what the day has in store for you (and by doing so, you won't forget to bring that important file into the office). Try out CalenGoo, which syncs with your Google Calendar (and looks strikingly similar).

If you have a regular coffee machine, chances are that there's some kind of setting brewing time, so by the time your are going to the kitchen, the coffee is done.

If you have an espresso machine without a clock feature, you can set an outlet timer to turn it on and brewing on a schedule. While you dress, turn on the TV/check online for local weather forecast and the traffic report (more on this later), but don't stand in front of the TV watching, just listen while you dress. Get to the kitchen to drink your coffee that's now ready, and while drinking it, check Google Map with traffic on your phone or computer to plan ahead for any traffic jams that may be on your commute.

Make sure the car is full of gas the night before, so you don't have to stop at the gas station to fill up the tank. Use bluetooth headset (our favorite is the Jawbone). if you need to make a call during your drive, also you may be able to check your work email if the car is stopped for a while at a traffic light (though we recommend you pull over to do this).

GPS navigation can come in handy to find new routes that you may have not known, especially when faced with unexpected traffic your preplanning missed, offering more efficient routes than the ones you may be using now. iPhone and Android phone users might want to try a traffic app, like Inrix for real-time traffic reports. Just remember to keep your eyes on the road!

There you go. You probably shaved 15 minutes off your morning commute with these easy steps!

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