Optimize Your Workflow: Using Flipboard As a Feed Reader

Optimize Your Workflow: Using Flipboard As a Feed Reader

Range Govindan
Apr 20, 2012

Whether you're a pro social networker or just someone who needs to be kept abreast of a large amount of news, the new software aggregators transform your feeds into an almost magazine-like spread. I've mentioned before how I rarely use my iOS devices to do work, but Flipboard allows me to optimize my daily workflow significantly. Here's how I do it.

Flipboard, just like Pulse and Flud, puts web-based RSS aggregators to shame. The magazine-like structure makes it easy to consult feeds from a number of different sources in one clean interface. I've been using Flipboard to go through my daily feeds for the last couple of months and I've reduced the time I spend on reading feeds significantly.

If you work in social media, or need to consult lots of different news outlets, then you'll also benefit from a similar setup. I've basically set up my Flipboard app to read the feeds that I subscribe to in Google Reader. Google Reader is a good way to read feeds, but I've recently had trouble running it on a Windows 7 machine with Firefox. That and the fact that Flipboard allows me to check my feeds when I'm on the go has reduced the time I spend checking up on them.

Here's how to set up Flipboard to receive your feeds:
1. Subscribe to all of the feeds you need to read in Google Reader.
2. Flipboard easily allows you to read your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds.
3. Go to the Settings icon in Flipboard, select accounts and add in your Google Reader information.
4. Make sure you select your account and then switch on "Mark Read after Flip" and "Show Only Unread". These will mark items read in Google Reader and will only show the unread items in Flipboard.

This setup comes in very handy if you need to read a lot of material. I just browse through most of the posts, though I do also read some of the articles. I've cut down the amount of time I spend consulting feeds by a big factor. It's about 30 to 60% faster than using Google Reader through the web interface.

Flipboard can also be configured to directly retweet, like and star important posts so that you can consult them later through Google Reader. Flipboard works nicely with Read it Later and Instapaper. If you don't want to mix work with fun, then you can setup different Google Reader accounts and only check the one you need to read.

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