House Tour: Rachel’s Repurposed Mid-Century Place

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Name: Rachel, Brett and Sebastian Denbow
Profession: Self-employed. I sell scrapbook kits and vintage housewares. I also teach online art journal classes.
Location: Springfield, MO
Size: 1,085 sq. ft.
Years lived in: 4 months
Type: Rented Bungalow


(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

You may remember Rachel’s place from our recent Fall Colors Contest. Her little bungalow is the perfect example of blending classic mid-century elements with your personality. Lovely shades of blue, green and pink nestle against thrifted pieces that work flawlessly together. We love homes that show the personalities of the people who live in them — and this one is no exception.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)


Rachel’s Survey:

My Style: Repurposed, Mid-Century Chic

Inspiration: I love seeing the many ways mid-century modern furniture can be incorporated into AT reader’s homes. I’ve been heavily influenced by the DIY posts found here and on other design blogs as well as the white walls with colorful accents trend. Our renter beige walls never posed a problem as we love a clean backdrop to all of our colorful pieces.

Favorite Element(s): We love the high ceilings and tall windows. The place we almost moved into before this became available was a wall-to-wall, carpeted basement apartment in a historic brick building. It would’ve been closer to downtown but the cave effect would’ve killed us.

Biggest Challenge: Creating a happy, organized studio space alongside our dinner table in the formal dining room. I operate two small businesses that require a lot of storage space as inventory comes in and I didn’t want to sacrifice aesthetics to make it work. We’ve been able to secure a few pieces on craigslist that have gotten a lot of boxes off the floor and provide much needed work surfaces.

What Friends Say: “Wow, that’s a lot of pink. Your husband is okay with that?”

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)


Biggest Embarrassment: Our front porch is always a mess. It is covered in toy trucks, balls and the newspapers our neighbor launches at our door every morning. It is currently hosting a spray painted card rack that needs to be moved to my friend’s studio space. I guess it keeps the burglars away!

Proudest DIY: The metal locker took the most elbow grease to fix up. I tried to skip the sanding and spray paint it green but the paint just bounced off the textured doors. Then I tried painting it with acrylic craft paint to test out a dark pink but ran out after one tube and had a half-painted eye sore in our living room for two weeks. Finally, I was able to borrow a friend’s sander and buffed off the ugly paint and texture. I painted two coats of pink before it got rained on and then rusted on the sides. I almost threw in the towel but tried one more coat of paint and was pleased that the rust didn’t show through. It now acts as an anchor piece for our living room as well as the prettiest storage closet in Springfield.

Biggest Indulgence: I spent my birthday money on our pink Modernica chair. It rarely gets sat in because everyone is afraid to touch it.

Best Advice: Take your time gathering pieces you love. Look for items that have potential. Keep a cache of interior design images that you love to use as a resource when its time to purchase a new piece or plan the colors for a room.

Dream Source: A huge warehouse full of inexpensive, vintage furniture and accessories that no one else knows of except me. Or CB2.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)



Living room:
Craigslist for couch
Phorm for Modernica chair
Flower Rug from Urban Outfitters
Thrift Store for brown wire chair
Flea Market for green and white chair
Lane coffee and end tables from local furniture shop
Bookshelf from Target
Curtains are converted bedspreads from Urban Outfitters
Craigslist for desk
Craigslist for pink locker
Mirrors, desk lamp, frames, locker accessories and paint by number painting were all locally thrifted.
Art by Ashley G, Tams, Pretty Little Thieves, Michele Maulle, Magic Jelly and Sparkle Power.
Pillows are handmade. Fabric by Anna Maria Horner.

Urban Outfitters for hounds tooth bedspread
White, Yellow and blue quilts were thrifted
End Table from Craigslist
Lamp from K-Mart
#3 from Alameda Flea Market
White mirror from flea market in Seattle
Teal mirror from local Habitat For Humanity warehouse
Credenza from Craigslist
Dresser from Craigslist
Chair from local Flea Market, recovered
Globe, fan, books and bowls were thrifted
Curtains are converted bedspreads from Urban Outfitters
Prints from Ashley G

Dining room:
Table from Craigslist
Chairs from flea market and garage sales
Frames and candles sticks were thrifted
Place mats from Hambly Screen Prints
Curtain came with the house