Organic Fertilizer For Your Tomatoes

Organic Fertilizer For Your Tomatoes

Sarah Rae Smith
Jun 27, 2008

Tomatoes are usually considered one of the easier things in the garden to grow. Just as long as they have enough water and sun, most times they stay rather bug and disease free. But are they really being the best plant they can be? Click through the jump to find out what 18 essential nutrients your tomato plant needs to be all that and a bag of chips.

Many of us are so focused on just keeping our gardening adventures alive, that we forget to think about keeping them as healthy as possible. We always want our vegetable plants to yield as much produce as possible, but do we remember to take that extra step to help the fruitful results of your labors to be out of sight?

We have been using Espoma Tomato-Tone this season on our tomato plants. We will admit that it doesn't always cross our minds to check the Ph balance of our soil every month to make adjustments as needed, so by using a twice-monthly fertilizer, we know we can take care of our plants and spend our extra time elsewhere!
We have been using as directed, sprinkling it in a ring a few inches from the base of the plant, twice a month.
We enjoy that it's not water based and organic (We believe that water-soluble fertilizers tend to provide a meal comparable to a fast food diet) so there is no fear of getting it on the leaves, using it in areas that animals might be, or consuming a product that came from non-green sources.
It keeps your plant balanced and healthy at a steady and controlled rate. We found this chart at Espoma to be helpful in understanding the true needs of a tomato plant.
We have already seen a noticeable difference between our plants this year and last! Which makes us happy since produce prices are only going up!

Photo from Plutor via Flickr.

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