Neat & Beautiful Studio Apartments

Living in a studio apartment is inspiring as it is, living in a neat and beautiful studio apartment is true talent. Whether you’re moving into a studio or getting things in order after family has vanished in the distance — you’re going to need a little inspiration and a swift kick in the butt!

It’s a little hard to get moving after a holiday vacation and the last thing many of us want to do is clean and get organized. We all know that storage is number one for studio living and sometimes you have to turn to some interesting tactics. Open shelving in the kitchen seems to be a leading way to stay organized without weighing the space down. It’s an easy way to display collections, dinnerware or pantry items.

In the “bedroom”, maybe you need to flip your bed up and keep it tucked behind doors during the day to make extra room or maybe you have a bed adventurously tucked above your kitchen — either way, it is possible to have a full size bed in a studio apartment.

How do you keep your studio apartment neat and organized?