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Organization Inspiration: 10 Neat & Beautiful Closets

updated Jul 15, 2020
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Good closet space is key to living well in any size home. But just because it’s behind closed doors doesn’t mean you should let your closet become a mess. Maintain your sanity and maximize your storage space by keeping your closet the same as any other room in the house — neat, beautiful and organized.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Whether it’s bedroom closets, coat closets, linen closets and anything in between, we’ve rounded up 10 great examples tidy storage spaces. After looking through the images you’ll see there are few common tricks for making your closet tidy and useful:

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1. Awkward & High Spaces: Make the most of unusual forms by strategically locating items that best fit the space. Install shelves as high as you can go, and then locate shorter items such as shoes, bins and laundry hampers on short walls and under low hanging clothing. Take advantage of narrow spaces by utilizing pull out drawers and hooks. Lastly, don’t forget to keep a step-stool or ladder near by for those hard to reach items.

2. Built-in: Yes, it’s more expensive then a simple rod and shelf, but a built-in closet system is well worth it, especially when you’re short on space. Nicole of Making It Lovely has one of my favorite closets: she used IKEA’s Pax system, sketched out the design to make sure there is a place for everything, and while she’s using every last inch her closet doesn’t look cluttered.

3. Put a Bin On It: Bins can go a long way to keeping your goods corralled. Use them to separate toiletries, assign one to each family member, or put them up high for out of season or seldom used items.

4. Use the Doors: Don’t forget about your bonus storage surface — the door! Hooks, bars and shelves can all be installed to keep narrow items organized.

5. Roll It Up: Whether it’s towels or t-shirts, rolling rather than folding seems saves a significant amount of space. Because you can avoid having to pull from the bottom or middle, it actually keeps piles from getting disheveled and helps prevent wrinkles.

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