Organization Inspiration: How to Keep Small Items Organized and Accessible

Organization Inspiration: How to Keep Small Items Organized and Accessible

I don't know if I will ever be as organized as Benita from the blog Chez Larsson, but I aspire to! I really like how she makes tackling large projects manageable by breaking them down to smaller tasks.

Here, she shows step-by-step how to keep small items organized and yet easily accessible. Though she is organizing her son's legos, the method could apply to nearly anything.

Benita explains:

I figured that the bins the Legos were semi sorted into took up too much space in the larger bins so Ziploc bags were the way to go. The air could be pressed out of the bags before zipping them and then stacking them into the large bins....We did quite a big sort out a few years ago so we had a pretty good system already. The regular bricks were sorted by color, the little Lego men were sorted together with their hair-dos and outfits in one bin, the animals were in another etc. It was still a bit of a mess though and quite a lot was unsorted or just shoved in random plastic bags. it was just a matter of getting the stuff out of those mixed bins and bags and sort those where they belonged. All the odd pieces (curved ones, printed ones, hinged ones etc etc) simply went into three large bags. Some sets that were already together in plastic bags were transferred to Ziplocs to keep them semi intact.

For full instructions and more photos, check out Organizing Wille's Legos on Chez Larsson.

(Images: Benita of Chez Larsson)

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