I’m Obsessed with This Stylish Organizer That Holds My Keepsakes That Usually Get Hidden Away

published Jan 25, 2023
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There are several reasons why people hold onto things they should get rid of. Guilt is a big one, and you’ve probably experienced it at some point. Your in-laws, for example, bring you back a T-shirt from their latest cruise to an island you’ve never visited. While it was nice of them to think of you, do you like or need it? No. But do you hang onto it, shoving it in the back of your dresser, hoping to not offend them? Yes. Another common excuse for holding onto stuff is sentimentality. This is different from guilt because you directly feel emotionally attached to an object or, at least, the memory connected to it.

I’ve witnessed it firsthand from family, friends, and many of my clients as a professional organizer. I strongly encourage people to let go of the stuff that involves negative connotations. In fact, I feel that getting rid of toxic or stagnant clutter can be just as refreshing for your space as a good saging session.

Even though I don’t keep a lot of mementos, I do keep some because I know they’ll be nice to have in the future, and I encourage others to treasure theirs — as long as they’re organized, of course. Your keepsakes should be valued, and dumping them into random boxes, drawers, closets, or cabinets isn’t the ideal way to do it. The method I used to do was to store everything in a simple lidded box with a label. And while the container I had tucked high and away in a closet, packed to the brim was working fine, I felt a calling to try something new. 

That’s when Savor reached out and sent me a few products to try, including their new Story Box. Unlike using an old shoebox or a simple lidded box to store mementos, Savor’s products are individually handmade, so the outside looks as special as the things you’re storing inside. It’s nice to be able to keep both paper or photos and small trinkets together in one organizer and then put the whole thing on display. The boxes fit nicely on a bookcase, office shelves, or built-ins in the living room. Not only that, there are organizers for almost every occasion from celebrating babies and weddings to remembering loved ones and pets, making thoughtful gifts for yourself and others.

Credit: Mary Cornetta

One caveat? The price point. They’re a bit steep for a story box (about $40), but they’re designed to last, and are lined with acid-free paper to protect the things you store in them. I decided to use it as a dedication to my paternal grandmother who loves to send handwritten cards and letters and give me little things such as an ornament from the year I was born and jewelry from her youth.  

The box has an outside slot for a photo and compartments on the inside for the keepsakes. No longer are the mementos she gives me squeezed into a bin on the top shelf of a closet. Now, they are within reach atop my bedroom dresser but with the visual clutter still hidden away. As someone who loves to travel, I’ve avoided bringing home any sort of souvenir or token because I didn’t have anywhere to put them. Going forward, I might reconsider if I come across something I truly adore now that I know I can create a story box for a specific trip.

Credit: Mary Cornetta

So long as they bring out positive emotions, I don’t consider mementos clutter. Although, it’s important to be intentional about which ones you keep because, as I say to my clients: when everything is special, nothing is special. Once you have the truly special stuff sorted, give it a home to safeguard, honor, and be able to enjoy for years to come.