An Aldi Fan Shared the Perfect Tip for Speeding Up Weeknight Cooking

published Jan 20, 2020
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Credit: Courtesy of Jessica Bonnette‎

Meal planning can be intense if you’re new to trying it. First you have to figure out what to make and what actually goes in the dish, then you have to grocery shop, and then you have to remember where you actually put all the ingredients to make your dish. And this is all before you even cook anything! If you want to get better at meal planning but are a little intimidated by the process, a smart Facebook post over in the “ Community” might be super helpful.

“Aldi shopped today and set up meals for the week! My mom and I have a great system set up lately,” Jessica explained in her post on Facebook. After she and her mom go grocery shopping, she sorts all of her ingredients into blue tubs. “We put the cans, sauces, boxes, anything that doesn’t need to be refrigerated for a meal in one of these and plan a meal completely. Sides, desserts, and all!”

For the perishable ingredients needed for a dish, Jessica says she simply puts a sticky note at the back of the blue tub with the needed items to make the meal. “We pull the box out when we get home from work and have everything ready,” she says in her posts. “It’s a great system, honestly.”

The post has been incredibly popular, racking up almost 6,000 likes in the first few days, along with 600 comments and more than 300 shares. In a comment, she also shares that they spend about $250 on the groceries (feeding four adults and a toddler for about two or three weeks), but they also try to use up what’s already in their pantry as they plan.

While the tubs seem somewhat bulky, for folks with enough space (or who can clear enough space in a pantry), it makes for a simple way to keep everything handy — particularly useful for visual thinkers, who find it easiest to meal plan by seeing all of the ingredients in a single place.

And though she doesn’t mention it in the post, for anyone looking to try this at home, there’s no reason you couldn’t make similar tubs or at least piles of the perishable ingredients in your fridge to correspond to each of the meals.

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