Organizing Clothing & Laundry by Category?

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Q: I recently took stock of the piles of clothing hanging, plopped & otherwise strewn about my room. I’ve got it down to 5 categories:
* Clean (closet+dresser)
* Once-worn, not-dirty-but-not-clean (various locations)
* To-be-washed (standard laundry basket)
* To-be-ironed (3rd bedroom’s bed)
* To-be-dry-cleaned (3rd bedroom’s bed)
* Nightly wears (robe, etc: on bed)

This schema is how I have subconsciously been ordering my clothes, and I kinda like it, but I’m obviously missing some unique locations for each group. I dread the thought of having both hamper-and-hanging-rack for each of these (doubling the locations won’t help anyone’s sanity). Do I simply have 5 bins? Then there’s the question of my wife: do we now need 11 (by my count) clothing locations?

Am I being too analytic about this whole scenario?

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