Organizing Tip: Open Your Mail Everyday

040709mail-01.jpgWe agree with the school of thought that organizing is not one size fits all but we do strongly suggest that you open your mail everyday. We’ve got a few ways we process our own mail and have a few tips to share–weigh in with your own mail processing systems after the jump!

  • When you pick the mail up, sort directly over the recycling bin and shredder. That way, only the important items are left. We also like the idea of processing your mail over the big blue bin outside (if you have a mailbox at the end of the driveway). Doing so will prevent excess paper from entering the house–which means less piles.
  • Use a letter opener to open your mail. You’ll be amazed at how much easier (and fun) it can be to open your mail. We really like Zippy Brand letter openers and give each client one (made of biodegradable corn).
  • It’s also a good idea to open the mail in your home’s active filing zone. While we’d like folks to open their mail daily, we don’t require immediate action to be made with each piece once it’s opened. Instead, place the action item in its correct file to be handled when it’s convenient for you to do so (for instance, bill paying day).

    What is your process for opening mail? Do you like to open and process your mail immediately or do you wait until the papers pile up–and then process?

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