Control the Clutter: Organizing with Trays In Every Room of the House

published Jan 16, 2015
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(Image credit: Melissa DiRenzo)

You know the table in the room where you just put ‘stuff’? Or that collection of ‘things’ you love, but don’t really have much in common with each other? Or all the essentials in your kitchen or bathroom that you want at an arm’s reach that clutter up the counter? An easy solution to controlling that clutter without really having to change your habits is to start organizing with trays.

A tray takes a bunch of stuff and turns it into one element. It’s great to bring together like (or unlike!) items to create one more unified and uncluttered look. It also makes cleaning much easier (bonus!). Whether it’s a group of mismatched candles, your jewelry collection, your bedtime ritual elements, your favorite decor, or some of your cooking or entertaining tools, a tray will help reduce the look of clutter and add an element of style.

(Image credit: Melissa DiRenzo)

The coffee table is a natural resting spot for ‘stuff’. Whether it’s for function or form, keep everything looking neat on one tray. Add some flowers for a pop of color in your room.

IN THE LIVING ROOM (clockwise from top left): 1. Elements of Style/ 2. Desire to Inspire / 3. Lark & Linen / 4. Erika Bretchel

(Image credit: Melissa DiRenzo)

Keep your favorite and most used kitchen pieces handy but neat in a tray that matches the style of your kitchen.

IN THE KITCHEN (clockwise from top left): 1. The Design Chaser / 2. Jennifer Grey Interiors via Houzz / 3. Heather Bullard / 4. Romantiska Hem blog

(Image credit: Melissa DiRenzo)

There’s enough running around to do when you have guests, keep your entertaining essentials and decor handy and easy to move in a tray.

IN THE DINING ROOM (clockwise from top left): 1. Cocktails & flowers by Style me Pretty / 2. A tray of eclectic goods in an eclectic home featured in Homelife Australia / 3. Classy bar elements on a glam gold tray from Apartment 34 / 4. Tray full of candles centerpiece from Norregard

(Image credit: Melissa DiRenzo)

The bathroom is an easy target for clutter with so many daily essentials and often little space. Whether it’s the main bathroom or a powder room, keep what must stay out on a tray and put some thought into investing in decorative vessels.

IN THE BATHROOM (clockwise from top left): 1. Add some personal & decorative touches like this tray from Domino featured on / 2. Stick with simple, clean vessels to store various items, from Country Living. / 3. A tray helps with making use of that space behind toilet with easy access when you need to move it, as spotted on Design Sponge. / 4. Keep things simple with natural elements and round edges like this group spotted on Domain Home.

(Image credit: Melissa DiRenzo)

The bedroom is where we go to rest and decompress at the very end of the day, so the less clutter the better. Keep all your accessories, keepsakes and favorite bedtime rituals close by buy organized using a tray.

IN THE BEDROOM(clockwise from top left): 1. Use a two tier dessert tray to hold all your fragrant sweets, from Dazzle’n Sparkle / 2. Keep your nightstand functional but artistic and oraganized, by Style SWOON / 3. A simple & modern white tray keeps it organized, from DPAGES / 4. All your favorite things in one spot, via The White Company