Why You Should Keep Car Wax in Your Kitchen

published Jan 25, 2018
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(Image credit: Lauren Kolyn)

Car wax can fill in tiny scratches and dings in a car’s clear coat. It can also keep away finger-print smudges and make it easier to clean the dirt and grime off of a car’s surface. All this while giving the exterior an attractive shine. Don’t these all sound like achievements you’d like to unlock all over your home, too? Turns out car wax is great for all sorts of household hacks. Here’s why you should keep a tub in your kitchen.

Clean your stove top

Whether you have a gas stove or a glass cook top, car wax is your friend. Car wax is not for cleaning, so make sure to thoroughly clean your cook top first. (For glass cook tops, I have found this set to be the most effective.) Next, wipe your newly cleaned and dried stove top with a thin veneer of car wax. Buff with a lint-free cloth or paper towel. The coat should last a week or two. It will keep your stove top shiny, smooth, and help spilled food glide off with ease.

Shine your appliances

No matter the finish of your appliances, a thin coat of car wax will keep them looking sharp. Again, clean and dry the surfaces first, and then buff with a thin coat of car wax. It will fill in scratches and dings, and help repel fingerprints, especially on stainless steel appliances.

Shine your fixtures

A swipe with car wax on your faucets and handles will shine them and also prevent water spots.

Protect your tile back splash

You know the parts of your back splash that tend to attract grease and food splatters, probably near your sink and stove. Coat these with a bit of car wax (again, after cleaning), and they’ll be so much easier to clean.