Fish N’ Flush

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Be proud to send guests to your WC.

This contraption, which turns your plain old utilitarian toilet tank into an object of fascination, is a great, space-efficient way to have an aquarium.

The fish tank is “completely separate from the toilet tank,” and “designed to fit directly against the companion tank reservoir.”

Yes, tacky name. But cool product. It bring pets (and pet fun) into the room where you’d least expect it. When it’s time to clean the tank, you’re already near a drain and a source of running water. Perfect for people who wouldn’t otherwise house pets of any sort for lack of space. Probably not so perfect for cat people.

We recommend foregoing the fish-patterned toilet seat cover and populating the tank with beautiful fresh or salt water fish. And we love this marketing detail: “great for toilet training.” No doubt very true, though more so for boys than girls.

Fish N’ Flush is available for $450 here.