Otto In Italy

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Names: Otto (9 months)
Location: Positano, Italy
Favorite Family-Friendly Place To See or Thing To Do Here: Dining al fresco! Being able to put Otto in a highchair and have him just look around endlessly was the best entertainment for all of us.

Best Tip for Traveling with Kids: Bring as little as possible! We had one large backpack, Otto, and the Ergo carrier. That’s it. We knew lugging a bunch of stuff around wouldn’t feel like vacation to us. So we traveled as lightly as possible. 3 outfits for each of us and a bunch of packets of laundry soap.

Favorite Way to Make it Feel Like Home: We brought a little snuggle toy from Otto’s crib at home so he would have it to sleep with abroad. Figured it would smell like home and feel familiar to him.

An Item you MUST Take With You While Traveling: If you are traveling with a baby, the Ergo carrier is the best. We didn’t take a stroller — just toted Otto around in the Ergo and he was able to nap with the sleeping hood over him. It’s also wearable as a backpack so you can switch it up. It was perfect for navigating Italy’s cobblestone streets.

Thanks Charlotte!