Our Best in Show at CES: Moneual Rydis H1004

Some of you may not believe after a few days in Vegas for CES that the device we were most impressed with wasn’t one of the many new tablets released, or a refinement of a slim profile 3D display, or even Roku’s announcement of full HD 3D streaming content (still very cool). No, the thing that impressed us the most was a product which brought us that much closer to realizing the possibility of owning our very own droid: the Moneual Rydis H1004.

“What is the Moneual Rydis H10004?” you ask? Besides the mouthful of a name, on paper, the specs reveal a fancy air purifier. But in reality, the Rydis is the closest to a real robotic multi-capable household device, specifically offering features beneficial for those with elderly in the home. The trash bin sized “Health Care Robot” provides 4-stage air purification, which in itself isn’t so special. But this air purifier is mobile and can move to different sections of the home according to where its services are needed; when a monitor in a room senses interior air pollution, the Rydis is sent out to the room to do environmental clean up duty. It also returns to charge itself like a Roomba.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Environmental sensors within keep tab on formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, xylene and other volatile organic chemicals inside rooms. The HEPA grade system can treat up to about a 400 sq. ft. room for 2.5 hours before needing a recharge.

It gets even more interesting with the inclusion of voice and facial recognition incorporated into the Rydis. The H1004 operates as a health monitoring system using a wrist watch monitoring device, and the unit itself sports a Windows 7 touchscreen LCD panel system with health/internet applications (wi-fi connected) designed to keep tabs on people of either/or elderly age or poor health. The wrist pager also allows for one button emergency calls.

As someone whose own parent is reaching the age where health and mobility are common concern, we really liked the concept behind the Rydis H1004. It isn’t what we’d call a beautiful looking device, but its modestly futuristic design is far from offensive, and all the useful features impressed us when we visited the Moneual booth (and probably why it was awarded a 2011 Design & Engineering Showcase Honor at CES). We hope to follow up later this year with a hands-on review of this category defining health device from Korea.