Sonicum vs. LaCie FireWire Speakers

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Our current desktop speaker setup is the 2.1 Harman/Kardan Sound Sticks system. The sound performance has been acceptable for the couple of years we’ve owned them, but we’ve recently been pondering replacing the speakers after dropping and cracking the speaker case and noticing a slight reverb at higher volumes.
Of course, this is just a great excuse to replace our speakers with something nicer…

Our first choice are the LaCie FireWire Speakers, above in white. Our USB ports and hub are pretty much maxed out with accessories and other digital devices, so using the free firewire port on our G5 seems like an attractive option. Also, because the speakers are using the firewire port, there’s no need for an additional power source, meaning less wires to worry about. It doesn’t hurt that the speakers remind us of the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

But when considering the reproduction of a fuller, richer sound, the inclusion of a subwoofer is pretty much a necessity. Most 2.1 or larger system are ugly affairs that hardly do a stylish workstation justice. But you don’t necessarily have to clutter your desk with an unattractive sound solution. The Sonicum looks to have been inspired by the shape of the Apple OS system sound icon, with a minimalist form factor that should compliment just about any laptop or desktop. If Darth Vader was looking for speakers, we’d think the Sith Lord would find these to his liking.

Right now, I’m leaning toward the smaller Lacie speakers, because I’m already wirelessly streaming audio via the Airport Express to a Bang & Olufsen sound system and don’t need a sub for the light volume listening. Plus I like the idea of eliminating the tangle of speaker wires currently existing behind my desk. I’ll have to wait to listen to the Lacie speakers in person before committing [squashing impulsive purchase thoughts].