Our Favorite “Black” Flowers (and How To Use Them)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
click thumbnails for larger pics Maybe the color black is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think spring or summer. But in fact there are several varieties of dark-colored flowers that come into season in these next few months, and they are perfect for bringing, drama, depth, and contrast to arrangements. Click through for some of

We’ve chosen several arrangements from our favorite florists around the web; many of them are bridal bouquets, but the concepts can easily be applied to flower arrangements for your home.

Our Favorite Varieties:

Dahlias and tulips both come in “black,” though they are not so much true black as a kind of deep purple or maroon. There is a super-fragrant variety of sweet pea in this color as well. The scruffy cornflower, great for a rustic, wild-looking bouquet, can also be found in “black.” Honeywort, an unusual bell-shaped bloom, comes in a dark midnight blue.

Of course there is the lovely, fleeting chocolate cosmo, a dark brown bloom that only lasts a few days when cut, but has a sweet fragrance (more like vanilla, really, than chocolate). Fiddlehead ferns, while not a flower per se, are one of our favorite additions to a bouquet, with their graphic spiral shape and rich purplish brown.

A Few Tips:

Punctuate pale arrangements with dark flowers to add a note of chic contrast to your spring and summer bouquets. The deep maroon tones of most of these flowers look beautiful against white, lime-green or dusty rose. To avoid a polka-dotted look, incorporate your dark accents in an asymmetrical pattern, and try using two or three different-shaped dark blooms for texture. Choosing odd numbers of flowers is always a good rule of thumb for arranging bouquets, and it’s especially helpful when working in dark blooms.

For a dramatic statement, of course, you can always do an entire bouquet of dark flowers (like the calla lilies and cosmos from Soulflower above).

Here’s a key to the photos so you can go looking for more inspiration:

• 1 and 2 – Cool Oak Lane
• 3 – Saipua
• 4 and 5 – Ink and Peat
• 6 and 7 – Soulflower
• 8 – Apartment 46

And some past inspiration from Apartment Therapy… For more black tulip love, see this post; an homage to black dahlias here; and if you’re interested in planting black flowers in your garden, this post has some helpful tips.

What are your favorite “black” flowers?