Favorite Affordable Flowers for the Spring

I love having flowers in my home and wish I could always afford them along with my weekly groceries. I was so excited when I stopped by Whole Foods to pick up lunch and saw Wild Daffodils on sale for $2.00 for a bunch of 10 stems…

It is the small details, such as flowers and dim candles that set the mood for a home. When trimming my budget, I make an effort not to exclude fresh flowers. If the flowers last the full week, then I am in business. Next week I am going to switch it up with purple and white tulips.

Here are some spring flowers that usually can be found for an affordable sum at this time of year:
1. Daffodils from frolic!
2. Tulips from tinywhitedaisies
3. Tulips from Hostess
4. Ranunculus from Vintage Rose Garden
5. Lilacs from Bethany Nauert

Do you indulge in weekly fresh flowers?